What is Swapmees?

Swapmees is a social networking app that allows for teenagers to meet and chat using the interactive medium of a trading card game.

What is a profile card?

A profile card is the card a teen creates when making a new account. It consist of a picture, and name/age/sex of a teen. There is only 5 profile cards per account that can be ‘swapped’ for other teens.

How does it work?

Each teen joining will make an account. After providing some basic information (including an images of themselves), five (5) profile cards will be created which can then be ‘swapped’ for other cards in your hand. These cards are then used by the teen to trade and ‘swap’ other players cards in exchange for others. As soon as a player owns a card, they are able to connect and chat with them using a text message interface. Swapping must be consensual for both owners, but the card being swapped does not necessarily have to be one of the owners who are a part of the trade.

For Example:

Jimmy want to talk to Susan, however he does not own her card. Jimmy checks Susans profile and notices that John is an ‘owner’ of Susan’s card. So Jimmy asks John (either on the app or in real life) if he will swap his Reggie Card for Susan. John agrees and Jimmy ‘Swaps’ Reggie for Susan’s Card.

Now Jimmy can talk to Susan and John can talk to Reggie!

Once a card is no longer in your possession communication is no longer possible. That being said, if someone still owns ‘your’ card, communication is still open.

What is the “Swapmeet”?

Every card in Swapmees can be found in the ‘Swapmeet’. In the swapmeet, teens can cycle through cards and pick ones they want to own. Each teen can hold up to 5 cards. This allows for up to 10 conversations a teen can maintain. Five (5) different people in their hand, and up to Five (5) different people who owns their card.

It is up to them who they trade with, how they trade, and how often. Each time a player “swap” cards, or has his card swapped their score will go up.  As their score goes up, they will unlock points int he game, or received a badge. These badges go on their profiles.

What does Swapmees cost? Do I need a data plan?

The Swapmees application is free to download and install. Otherwise this app requires a connection to the internet, that must be  accomplished using service providers data plan or by connecting via wi-fi internet services. All data plan usage rules apply.

How is a Swapmees accounts created?

After downloading Swapmees from the Apple or Android store and installing it on your phone, all that is needed is a working e-mail address and a password. Your teen will answer a few “Get to know you” questions and upload a picture of themselves to make a profile. Examples of the “Get to know you” questions will include age, sex, relationship status, username, etc.

Who is Swapmees for?

Swapmees is an app designed specifically for teenagers. Anyone between the ages of 13 and 19 are welcome to join.

Why have you placed an age restriction on your app?

We want to provide a safe platform in which only teens can chat. Somewhere where everyone they come across is a peer, dealing with teenage issues just like them.

What does me/my teen need to know about using Swapmees?

We want to encourage all of our users to take an active role in protecting their privacy and safety. We also encourage parents to have open discussions with their children about the risks of the internet, and to teach their children about the dangerous effects of online bullying.

If you/your teen sees an inappropriate picture or receives an inappropriate message they can report the account.

You/your teen has complete control over their own cards. If someone is holding your teens card in their hand, and you/your teen does NOT want them to have it, you can recall your cards at anytime.

Is there any way for me to retrieve, copy, or intercept messages me/my teen has sent or received?

Swapmees is unable to provide parents with access to their teens messages.

If you are a parent wishing to monitor the messages your teen is sending and receiving through Swapmees, you should instruct your teen to not open messages or go to the app until you are present and available to view it with them.

How can I delete my or my teens account to prevent them from using Swapmees?

If your teen would like to delete their account they can do so by going into the settings function and choosing the delete account option.

You, as a parent, will not personally be able to delete your teens account unless they have given you their username and password.

What can I do if me/my teen has received an inappropriate or unwanted message?

If your teen has received bullying, abusive, or otherwise unwanted messages they should not respond to it, as responding may only encourage more messages. Instead, they should recall their card immediately and choose the option of blocking that user.